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Roundup from fb: The new ep 閉上眼睛 from Hello Nico now at iNDIEVOX!   2 of the songs were already shared on StreetVoice, now #1 and #2 in the SV top ten.  =D Hong Kong mini-fest this Friday: 8月5號(星期五)晚上7點, VS Music 越洋請到台灣熱血搖滾系樂團「P!SCO 」嚟到西灣河蒲吧HangOut!仲有本地數字搖滾樂團「 話梅鹿 – Prune Deer 」、Melodic Rock 「 Peri M 」及流行搖滾「 EMPTY HK 」!更特邀亞洲知名鼓手及音樂製作人作為神秘嘉賓!萬勿錯過! […]

Faye releases the song “Dust”, personal lyrics bare feelings


Heavenly queen Faye Wong is busy dating and in no hurry to make an album. Instead, at the rate of one new single per year, she has slowly fed the fans ears. Following the release of “Gentle Breeze” last year, after a year of waiting, she brings out new work again with “Dust”. With Zhang Yadong as composer and her own lyrics creating a floating and ethereal atmosphere which has always been the heavenly queen’s musical style.

In the past, Faye Wong and Zhang Yadong have collaborated many times with “Restless”, “Only Love Strangers”, “To Love”, “You’re Happy So I’m Happy”, “Chanel”, “Leave Nothing” and many other classics. He is also the best at understanding Faye Wong’s sound, his avant-garde arrangements bring out the heavenly queen’s charming and irreplaceable voice. Following their collaboration on 2014’s “One Step Away”, he is producing for her once again on “Dust”. After many years, Faye also personally wrote lyrics, revealing her inner self as dust, randomly drifting. The song is already online, the cover is a self-taken picture directly from her camera, which is quite the heavenly queen’s straightforward style.

In early June, it was revealed that Faye will hold a concert in December in Shanghai. But the ticket prices are quite astonishing. Reportedly the highest asking price 6800 yuan is the most expensive but yet to be confirmed. But what is almost confirmed is that there will be a chance to hear Faye’s golden voice. In addition, it has been 13 years without an official release of her album, but over the years there has been an accumulation of singles and movie theme songs. Many fans look forward to a compilation. But in accordance with the heavenly queen’s style, whether it will happen is difficult to determine.


Background and excellent info around the new Faye Wong song we posted this weekend!  

If you love Faye, @fayewongfuzao is very informative with lots of classic content as well as current news. =D

One step of 1724 Records 10 years anniversary


After a long time conversation,we’ll start one step of our 10 years anniversary:I found a designer who will help us to design a T-shirt in limitation.Yes,only a T-shirt.But the plan of anniversary have more possibilities.I hope!

Let’s celebrate the 1724 anniversary with a 文雀 Sparrow set from late 2014:

FireLiu YT channel is bursting with high-quality full set videos. Whatever camera/gear he uses, it can certainly withstand the sound pressure levels of a rock show.   Liu, share your secrets with the TW uploaders!    =D


Try to update our discogs page by my terrible English.Take a look if you are interesting

Some good instrumental rock in there!  =D    I think we’ve featured both Summer Fades Away 时过夏末 and Sparrow.

p.s. If I were to rephrase, I might change it to: Trying to update our discographies page with my terrible English. Take a look if you are interested.

詹森淮 Senhuai Jan just linked to this: A new song from Faye Wong 王菲?!  And a new facebook page: Faye Wong’s Era

This YT channel (Faye Wong’s Era Faye Wong’s Era) may be fairly recent, and it may not be an official channel, but it also has lots of old content, plus some of Leah Dou’s stuff. (Leah is Faye’s daughter)

Always a treat to hear Faye, especially matched with this modern electro/acoustic-ambient music from songwriter/producer 张亚东.  (they’ve worked together extensively in the past).  So gorgeous!  =D