As long as we’re mentioning Cherie Ko’s myriad activities (see previous post), let’s hear a gorgeous cover of a Faye Wong classic!

As I recall, singing in Chinese was a rarity for her; most of her covers are American/British indie rock and shoegaze/dreampop.


瑪啡因 & 椅子 – 不再是少年_20160722 Live(原唱:猛虎巧克力) – 瑪啡因 Maffine

Head over to StreetVoice to hear a lovely cover of 猛虎巧克力 Chocolate Tiger’s 不再是少年, performed by 瑪啡因 Maffine椅子 Chairs’ at The Wall last month, here are photos from that gig: soundcheck and crowd selfie:


瑪啡因 & 椅子 – 不再是少年_20160722 Live(原唱:猛虎巧克力) – 瑪啡因 Maffine

Another from the 朝思木響 Just Woodsound channel, this will surely put a smile on your face!   王立宇 Eric Wang with 郭鎂穎 Mei-ying Kuo on Clarinet.

According to Wikipedia, Kennedy Jones wrote Cannonball Rag. You can find a ton of versions of this on YT, including several by the incredible Tommy Emmanuel.  =D