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Roundup from fb: The new ep 閉上眼睛 from Hello Nico now at iNDIEVOX!   2 of the songs were already shared on StreetVoice, now #1 and #2 in the SV top ten.  =D Hong Kong mini-fest this Friday: 8月5號(星期五)晚上7點, VS Music 越洋請到台灣熱血搖滾系樂團「P!SCO 」嚟到西灣河蒲吧HangOut!仲有本地數字搖滾樂團「 話梅鹿 – Prune Deer 」、Melodic Rock 「 Peri M 」及流行搖滾「 EMPTY HK 」!更特邀亞洲知名鼓手及音樂製作人作為神秘嘉賓!萬勿錯過! […]

瑪啡因 & 椅子 – 不再是少年_20160722 Live(原唱:猛虎巧克力) – 瑪啡因 Maffine

Head over to StreetVoice to hear a lovely cover of 猛虎巧克力 Chocolate Tiger’s 不再是少年, performed by 瑪啡因 Maffine椅子 Chairs’ at The Wall last month, here are photos from that gig: soundcheck and crowd selfie:


瑪啡因 & 椅子 – 不再是少年_20160722 Live(原唱:猛虎巧克力) – 瑪啡因 Maffine

Good Beer週休八日 My 8 Day Weekend, and FranFran Chen?  


Interesting that guitarist 江鎮宇 is not present. (Both he and Fran are in Frandé 法蘭黛樂團)  江鎮宇 is still listed as a member of My 8 Day Weekend.  We’ve seen musicians missing from certain gigs because they are busy with another band on the same day, but obviously there was no conflict with a Frandé gig.

Kane Wu YT has the full set uploaded, 6 clips in all.  Mumu is playing her acoustic gtr in all of the other songs.

旺福 WonFu was there, too:



【魔鞋女孩 】正式官方MV
Ma-te Lin’s second puppet animation “The Girl In The Magic Shoes”
Official music video


The girl in the magic shoes, can’t stop dancing in the dark woods.
Before falling down, she transforms sadness into dazzling dance moves, magnificently lights up every corner in the woods.

“Please excuse my rude ” she said


林瑪黛 【我的地盤】 MV導演草本菟刻 再次操刀製作
草本菟刻, the director of 《My place 》, has produced the latest music video for Ma-Te Lin’s second EP. As she is passionate about action figures and animal sculptures, she created this stop-motion animation using movable metal joints and skeletons.

Creating stop-motion animation requires lots of hard work and dedication. It takes her three months to complete this beautiful MV, which aims to raise concerns about the relationship between human and animal.

林瑪黛 Ma-te Lin    

The new ep: Pre-order time: 2016.07.13-2016.07.26
Pre-order form:

簽名EP Limited edition signed EP
魔鞋女孩限量胸章 (預購一張贈送一個)  The Girl in the Magic Shoes pin

If you order at least 10 copies, Asha 林意倩 will send you either a chicken or a cat, your choice!!!    (I just made that up)  =D

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Some fb catchup! Mumu Wang moved back to Taiwan in May, and 週休八日 My 8 Day Weekend had their first rehearsal yesterday!  Besides Mumu, it looks like Arny (bass), & 懿修 (drums) are back, and there’s a ‘mystery’ girl who is going to play keys. Any idea who that is?  They are gonna do a set […]