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Roundup from fb: The new ep 閉上眼睛 from Hello Nico now at iNDIEVOX!   2 of the songs were already shared on StreetVoice, now #1 and #2 in the SV top ten.  =D Hong Kong mini-fest this Friday: 8月5號(星期五)晚上7點, VS Music 越洋請到台灣熱血搖滾系樂團「P!SCO 」嚟到西灣河蒲吧HangOut!仲有本地數字搖滾樂團「 話梅鹿 – Prune Deer 」、Melodic Rock 「 Peri M 」及流行搖滾「 EMPTY HK 」!更特邀亞洲知名鼓手及音樂製作人作為神秘嘉賓!萬勿錯過! […]

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Just saw these photos posted by Schrödinger’s Cat 薛丁格的貓.  They have a new ep coming and they play at Riverside Music Cafe tomorrow night with 徐行 Cruising. If you’ll recall, they were a 6-piece band with female vocals (張郁平 Yu Ping Chang) and 愛莉鵝 Ariel Lee on keys/violin. Now the girls are literally out of the picture, and the band […]

怕胖團 Pa Pun played a semi-unplugged set at Moon Romantic, part of a second-hand market + music show.  It was a 2-day event called Freak’s Market, put on by Door Cat Records.  (a few bands played each day)

I think this song is gonna be on the new Pa Pun album.  There are clips of them trying to record the vocals for this at fb. (Punk rock looks so easy on stage, LOL)

江婕羽 YT channel has the full set, plus clips from some of the other bands. Here’s a cute song from 小捲+泰泰 of Tomodachi 偷摸大雞 樂團:

Tomodachi have not been very active lately, I’m not seeing any full band gigs from them since December.


Pochang Wu (吳柏蒼)   [主唱 at 回聲樂團 (Echo)Works at StreetVoice 街聲CEO & Founder at iNDIEVOX] announced last night that he resigned from iNDIEVOX/StreetVoice.

There’s a very long post at fb detailing the history of the organizations and his role.  iNDIEVOX is so important to the TW indie scene!!  (Can’t overstate that!)

This is kind of a shock; especially after Echo band went on hiatus, I figured he would expand his involvement.    

If the Taipei Times still ran music features, we might get some background on this. (in English)

瑪啡因 & 椅子 – 不再是少年_20160722 Live(原唱:猛虎巧克力) – 瑪啡因 Maffine

Head over to StreetVoice to hear a lovely cover of 猛虎巧克力 Chocolate Tiger’s 不再是少年, performed by 瑪啡因 Maffine椅子 Chairs’ at The Wall last month, here are photos from that gig: soundcheck and crowd selfie:


瑪啡因 & 椅子 – 不再是少年_20160722 Live(原唱:猛虎巧克力) – 瑪啡因 Maffine

取材美劇陰屍路 原子邦妮推出《天亮之前》三部曲 – Blow 吹音樂

*Johnny Wen from Blow-StreetVoice talking up the new 原子邦妮 Astro Bunny trilogy of songs inspired by the TV show The Walking Dead.     Coupla nice photos at the link as well.  =D

*aka P!SCO’s OmOi

取材美劇陰屍路 原子邦妮推出《天亮之前》三部曲 – Blow 吹音樂