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Some good instrumental rock in there!  =D    I think we’ve featured both Summer Fades Away 时过夏末 and Sparrow.

p.s. If I were to rephrase, I might change it to: Trying to update our discographies page with my terrible English. Take a look if you are interested.

Not sure why they had stopped posting, but Rooftop Audio/Yuchain Wang are very busy lately!  We told you about the DeerMx recording sessions, but other projects are in progress from 記號士 The Sign Of Human南瓜妮歌迷俱樂部 PUMPKINney Fan Club老貓偵探社Cat Detective Agency, and Pilots In The Sky And On The Sea 旅人.  

Pilots went dark for quite awhile, but they poked their heads up to say they were still alive in May, and then they posted “新的我們,six legged wolf” in June.  So I guess that’s their new logo?  Anyway, let’s recall their epic sound from the 2014 ep, Half-naked journey

Pry open your wallet and go buy that 3 song release for $3. at bandcamp! =D


(via “Emotion, No” and Asia’s Emo Boom)

We can spend days arguing about whether or not we’re still in an emo revival (did good emo music ever go away?), but I’d rather talk about how emo has influenced bands outside of the United States, especially in the East where a lot of great emo bands are making an impact.

Qiii Snacks Records, one of my favorite Chinese indie labels, has released “Emotion, No,” an Asian emo compilation that features eight bands from eight different Asian cities. The songs are either “punky” or “nerdy” and the lineup features great bands I’ve never heard of before, except Chinese Football, who is already gaining a following in America. If you can’t cough up the $999 to buy this compilation, you can just play it on repeat while you seek out each of these bands individually.

Note: In the info section on the album’s Bandcamp, apparently emo came from Chicago – is that a reference to Cap’n Jazz?

“Thank you for picking this compilation up, may the noise be with you.”

“Emotion, No” tracklist:

Side A – Punky
1. “Who Cares, Really” – Forests [Singapore]
2. “City of Hercules” – falls [Tokyo]
3. “Kitchen Counter” – Offseason [Okinawa]
4. “Waterfall” – MORETHAN [Yokohama]

Side B – Nerdy
5. “Last Emo Boy” – Chinese Football [Wuhan]
6. “Bokchoy” – Sage of Time [Shenzhen]
7. “Wellspring” – Beeswax [Malang]
8. “Catharsis” – Emptybottles. [HongKong]

Only $999!   =D