joyside—-lover D

i wasted my day

just wait for a brand new night

vacate my brain

sit by a beer that’s full of light

they come and go

the strange guys and my dear old fellows

she gets her seat

then turns to me and says hello

here comes monday girl

she seems cannot find the door

here comes tuesday girl

she’s such a bore

here comes wednesday girl

she laughs like a man

here comes thursday girl

she’s a lone some dyke

here comes friday girl

she wears a mushroom hat

here comes saturday girl 

her name is snow white

here comes sunday girl 

she disappears like a gas

fill up your glass 

fuck the time, just let it pass

drunk on the floor 

you know you’re gonna be adored 

nowhere to go 

cause i dont really have a home

gonna lose my mind

gonna lose my mind

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Just to follow on with the Carrchy, it would appear they played a 40 minute set on October 21st at the West Bank Music Festival 2011 in Nanchang (南昌西岸音乐节 强势音乐阵容). If you look at the event site in Chrome Browser, it should translate the page for you ( So it’s encouraging to know that the […]